Sheldon Middle School Band Needs Your Help

band tromboneSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Middle School Band Program has a problem.  They have more students interested in learning an instrument than they have available instruments for them to play.  As a result, the band department has launched a Musical Instrument Drive to try and get instruments into the hands of the kids who want to learn to play them.

Middle School Band Director Jeana Larson tells us about the shortage problem.

She says the challenge is in choosing what instruments to buy with the budget she has available.

Larson says the community can help by donating any unused musical instruments they have laying around.

She says that while new instruments are expensive, the donation of unused instruments is tax deductible.

Larson had a final word for the Sheldon community.

If you’d like more information on the Instrument Drive, or have an instrument you’d like to donate, you can contact Larson at the Sheldon Middle School at 712-324-4346, or email her at

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