Sheldon Native To Be Featured On HGTV Pilot

Los Angeles, California — A Sheldon native is going to be featured on an HGTV pilot on Friday (October 12). Nic Tiemens was born in Sheldon, and his grandparents still live in town. Tiemens says the show features big aquariums he designs.

He tells us how it got started.

He says the crew followed him around somewhat, but it basically shows off his work.

Tiemens says these aren’t your run-of-the-mill discount store aquariums.

He says many of the rich and famous like to show off their wealth with expensive paintings and $100,000 sports cars, and many of them now like to do it with aquariums and have a “slice of the ocean” in their room — “living art” if you will.

Tiemens tells us about his Sheldon connection.

Tiemens says after Sheldon, he lived in Sioux Falls, and then moved out to Chicago, where he got into the aquarium business.

He says the show is a pilot, so that means if it gets a good response after its Friday showing, HGTV may turn it into a series featuring his business. The show, “Ultimate Aquariums” is on HGTV at 12 noon central time on Friday.

You can check out Tiemen’s Facebook page at:

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