Sheldon Native To Be Featured On Mayo Clinic Program On KIWA

A Sheldon native is being featured on a national medical program that is airing around the country.

“Medical Edge Weekend” is a program that airs weekly on KIWA and KIWA-FM on Sunday mornings, shortly after 7 AM. The program is a weekly one-hour radio program that talks about health and medical information on interesting topics from Mayo Clinic specialists.

This coming Sunday, January 15, the program will feature Mayo Clinic cardiologist, and Sheldon native, Dr. Michael Ackerman, talking about Long QT Syndrome. Long QT syndrome is a heart rhythm condition caused by abnormalities in your heart’s electrical system, says Dr. Ackerman.

The condition is called “Long QT Syndrome” because of the appearances of the electrocardiogram, on which the interval between the Q and the T waves is elongated. Dr. Ackerman’s work has been with the genetic causes of Long QT, and developing tests that help to diagnose the problem, which is diagnosed most frequently in children and young adults.

Again the program will air shortly after 7 AM this Sunday morning on KIWA.

Watch a YouTube video of Dr. Ackerman explaining one of the genetic tests for Long QT Syndrome below.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

The day after the program airs on KIWA, it will be posted here for you to hear.

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