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Northwest Iowa Cities’ Overnight Parking Bans In Effect

snowplow snow plowSheldon, Iowa — It’s that time of year again. Snow could fall any day now, and need to be removed by maintenance crews. A number of northwest Iowa cities have winter parking regulations that vary from their summer ones.

The Sheldon Police Department reminds motorists that beginning at 2 am Friday, November 1st, the Overnight Parking Ban on Sheldon streets will be in effect. Motorists are not allowed to park their vehicles on any street in Sheldon between the hours of 2 and 6 AM, from November 1st until April 1st. Motorists are also reminded that the fine amount for these violations is $10.00. Residents are encouraged to inform all overnight guests of this ordinance, as well.

In the city of Sibley, the winter parking ordinance says that it is illegal to park vehicles on the streets of Sibley between 2 and 6 AM between November 1st and April 15th. They also remind you that it is illegal to park between the curb and sidewalk as well.

In Orange City, their seasonal parking ordinance states that it is illegal to park on the streets of Orange City between 2 and 6 AM from October 15th through April 1st.

Rock Rapids has a seasonal parking ordinance too, but it’s a little different. It is illegal to park on Rock Rapids city streets between 2 and 6 AM from November 1st to April 1st — but ONLY DURING SNOW REMOVAL OPERATIONS. So in Rock Rapids you have to be aware if there’s snow or ice on the streets or in the forecast. Rock Rapids does issue advisories through the “Snowcap” system when they are going to be doing snow removal. You can sign up for alerts through

Fines for the violations and what will be done with your vehicle if it is found in violation vary by community.

Citizens are also reminded to keep fire hydrants free from snow and accessible to fire fighters should the need arise. Most communities also have ordinances that stipulate that snow has to be removed from sidewalks in a timely manner and cannot be placed in the street. For more information, contact your city office.

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