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Sheldon PD Alerts Public To Scam; Covers Accident

Scam AlertSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Police have been alerted to another scam going on in the area.

Police Chief Lyle Bolkema alerted KIWA to the scam in a statement sent on Wednesday, December 4th. Bolkema says that a caller called a Sheldon resident to inform him that he was a lucky winner of a sweepstakes and had won a new Mercedes. The caller wanted the potential victim to go to a major department store such as Walgreens or Walmart and purchase a Green Dot Moneypak reloadable debit card. He was to have the cashier put $99 onto the card’s balance. He then was to scratch off the back of the card to reveal the hidden number on the card.

The potential victim was told to give the caller the card number along with the name and routing number of his bank account and he would then receive his Mercedes.

Bolkema says an Internet search revealed that these are legitimate cards people can use for purchasing items online, paying bills, etc. The chief says, “The problem is giving the number on the back of the card to anyone that you don’t know is legitimate.” The chief says that once someone has access to that card number, they can immediately deplete the balance of the card.

He says they’ve found that there are hundreds of consumer alerts regarding scams via these cards. He says that scammers are using these cards due to negative publicity with companies that allow you to send money directly, such as Western Union .

If you are questioning the validity of an offer, before agreeing contact law enforcement.

In other news from the Sheldon Police, a Sheldon woman’s car was damaged in an accident with a Sheldon man’s SUV on Wednesday, December 4 in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 5:55 AM, 22-year-old Kelsey Jacobs of Sheldon was eastbound on Sixteenth Street near Second Avenue in a 2005 Pontiac. Twenty-three-year-old Dasiel Gonzalez Carpio of Sheldon was also eastbound behind Jacobs on Sixteenth in a 2001 GMC Yukon.

Jacobs stopped for the stop sign, waiting for traffic to pass. Gonzalez Carpio tried to stop, but due to the poor road condtions, he was unable to, and slid into the Jacobs Pontiac.

Jacobs’s Pontiac received $1500 damage. Gonzalez Carpio’s GMC Yukon was not damaged.

There were no injuries reported, and no charges were filed.

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