Sheldon Physician Called To Active Military Duty

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon physician will be leaving the community soon, having been called to active duty with the United States Naval Reserve Medical Corps.

Patients of Dr. Josephine Dunn-Junius recently received a letter informing them that she will no longer be seeing patients, beginning September 5th, for about a 9-month period.

KIWA talked to Dr. Dunn-Junius, and she told us about how she found out she was being called to active duty.

Although she will be leaving the Sanford Clinics, she says her departure is temporary, and she plans to return once her deployment ends.

Dunn-Junius says there are a lot of unknowns right now, but she’s hoping she can just drop her life, and then pick it back up once her deployment ends.

She says many people have asked her how she feels about being called to active duty.

The doctor says one of the hardest things will be leaving her children.

In her letter to patients, Dr. Dunn-Junius thanked them for entrusting her to care for them over the years.  She goes on to say that she looks forward to serving their health needs when she returns.

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