Sheldon Physician To Serve Overseas In The Navy

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon physician is going to be serving her country for the next several months.

We had a chance to talk to Dr. Josephine Dunn-Junius. She tells us that she will be deploying with the Navy to the African region.

Dr. Dunn-Junius says she has strong feelings on both sides. While she’s going to miss her family in Sheldon very much, she’s also eager to serve her country.

She says with a short break at the end of September, she’ll be away from Sheldon from the first part of September until May.

Dunn-Junius says she’ll miss her family.

She says that she was inspired by her dad to serve in the military. She says that in her last year of family medicine training she talked to a Navy recruiter and started the process. She says sometimes it’s hard to explain why she wants to serve the military, but she says it’s just something she feels called to do.

Dr. Dunn-Junius says that other Sanford Sheldon physicians are covering for her and will see her patients while she is away.

A farewell luncheon for Dr. Dunn-Junius is planned for this morning, September 1st from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sanford Sheldon Hospital Lobby/Courtyard. You are invited to wish her well. Hot dogs and root beer floats will be served.

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