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Sheldon Police Charge Or Arrest Ten People In The Last Few Days

Sheldon, Iowa — In the last few days, the Sheldon Police Department has been busy. They charged or arrested no fewer than 10 people on various offenses. They also took one theft report and one fraud report.

The police charged 19-year-old Dylan Anderson of Sheldon on Sunday (11/25) with possession or purchase of alcohol underage. He was cited and released.

The police charged 44-year-old Robert Schwarz of Sheldon on Friday (11/23) with Driving While Suspended. He was cited into court and released.

The police arrested 21-year-old Denny Roos of Sheldon on Friday (11/23) and charged him with Driving Without a License.

Sheldon Police officers arrested 24-year old Aaron Berger of Sheldon on Friday (11/23) on an Osceola County warrant for an original charge of Possession Of Marijuana.

They also arrested 28-year-old Hector Miranda-Ortiz of Sheldon on Saturday (11/24) and charged him with driving while his license was suspended.

Also, officers arrested 63-year-old Jeroy Van Middendorp of Sheldon on Saturday (11/24) on an O’Brien County Warrant for Theft In the Fifth Degree.

The police arrested 42-year-old Jamison Engelkes of Sheldon on Saturday (11/24) on an O’Brien County Warrant for Contempt, on an original charge of Possession.

Roos, Berger, Van Middendorp, and Engelkes were all taken into custody and transported to jail in Primghar.

Also on Saturday (11/24), they arrested 28-year-old Travis Van Wyk of Sheldon on an O’Brien County warrant in regard to failure to appear for a parking violation. He was taken into custody, but he posted bail at the Police Department.

Also arrested on Saturday (11/24) was 18-year-old Kami Ackerman of Sheldon. She was wanted on an O’Brien County Warrant for Fifth Degree Theft. She was taken into custody, but also posted bail.

Thirty-year-old Wilfredo Peralta of Sheldon was arrested on Sunday (11/25) on a charge of Driving Under Suspension. He was taken into custody and transported to jail in Primghar.

In addition, the Sheldon police also took a report from a woman on Sixth Street that someone had fraudulently used her credit cards. The report indicates the amount of the fraud, spread between two credit cards, was $17,300.

And finally, someone on Fourth Avenue reported that someone stole a bow and a wallet from an unlocked pickup behind the garage in the alley. The bow, the wallet, and $20 cash were valued at a combined total of $2040.

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