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Sheldon Police Cover Two Accidents And A Number Of Incidents

off lightbarSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Police have covered two accidents and a number of other incidents recently.

An Ashton woman’s car, a Sheldon woman’s car, and a Sheldon man’s SUV were damaged in a chain-reaction accident on Tuesday, August 6 in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 5:15 PM, 20-year-old Jamie Fettes of Ashton was northbound on 24th Avenue in a 2000 Chevy. Twenty-one-year-old Megan Whitsell of Sheldon was also northbound on 24th behind Fettes in a 2003 Pontiac. Seventy-seven-year-old Wallace Fiddelke of Sheldon was also northbound on 24th behind Whitsell in a 2005 Chevy SUV.

Fettes and Whitsell were stopped for the stop sign. Fiddelke tried to stop, but was unable to stop in time and hit the back of Whitsell’s vehicle, which struck the back of Fettes’s vehicle.

Fettes’s Chevy received $1200 damage. Whitsell’s Pontiac received $2000 damage. Fiddelke’s Chevy SUV received $2500 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

Fiddelke was charged with Failure to Maintain Control.

A Sheldon man’s minivan and a Sanboran man’s car were damaged in an accident on Wednesday (8/14/13) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 1:05 PM, 88-year-old Grover Petitt of Sheldon was westbound on Highway 18 in the inside lane, near Washington Avenue in a 2007 Chrysler minivan. Thirty-four-year-old John Schreurs of Sanborn was also westbound on 18, but in the outside lane in a 1993 Ford.

There was a non-contact vehicle stopped in the inside lane at the Washington Avenue stoplight in front of Casey’s, waiting to make a left turn. Petitt changed lanes to go around the stopped vehicle, but struck the Schreurs vehicle as it came up into his path of travel from behind.

Petitt’s Chrysler minivan received $2000 damage. Schreurs’s Ford received $500 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

Petitt was charged with improper use of 3 or more lanes.

The Sheldon Police took a report of a damaged Pepsi machine at the Holiday Inn Express on Thursday (5/15/13). It happened on Monday or Tuesday. The pop machine was valued at $400.

They also took a report of several items stolen from a car parked on 10th Street on Thursday (5/15/13). Taken was a set of fog lights and a radar detector valued at a combined total of $34.

A Browning rifle was recovered on Eighth Avenue on Thursday (8/15/13). Police say this was taken from a vehicle on Seventh Avenue.

The Police also took a report from someone on Ninth Street that they had left their vehicle unlocked behind a store overnight Wednesday night (8/14/13) and when they returned on Thursday morning, they found someone had taken a radar detector and garage door opener transmitter. The estimated value of the allegedly stolen property was not listed in the report.

Sheldon Police officers also arrested 48-year-old Marc Jon Muhlbauer of Sheldon on Friday (8/16/13) on a warrant for Failure To Appear. He was transported to jail in Primghar. According to court records, this is in regard to a refusal or failure to pay fines and court costs from a 1998 case in which Muhlbauer pled guilty to Interference With Official Acts Causing Bodily Injury.

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