Sheldon Police Handle Three Accidents, Take Theft Report

Sheldon pd sheild dinkySheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Police covered three accidents and took a theft report in recent days.

A Sheldon teen’s car and a Sheldon woman’s minivan were damaged in an accident on Thursday (12/20) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 9:45 AM, 17-year-old Anita Thong Vahn of Sheldon was westbound on Highway 18 just east of Third Avenue in a 1996 Honda. Sixteen-year-old Alexa Schut of Sheldon was westbound, behind Thong Vahn in a 2004 Ford. Thirty-eight-year-old Shelley Hoogers of Sheldon was also westbound, behind Schut in a 2011 Chrysler.

Thong Vahn was stopped to make a left turn onto Third Avenue. Schut was stopped behind Thong Vahn. Hoogers could not get her vehicle stopped as she approached from the rear and rear-ended the Schut vehicle, which was pushed into the Thong Vahn vehicle.

Thong Vahn’s Honda received $100 damage. Hoogers’ minivan received $2000 in damages. Schut’s pickup was not damaged.

There were no injuries.

The report says the roadway was snow-covered at the time, and no charges were filed.

A Sheldon man’s car was damaged in an accident on Friday (12/21) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 8:05 AM, 17-year-old Chaz DeRocher of Sheldon was eastbound on East Fourth Street, in a 2002 Pontiac. Thirty-one-year-old Derek Kamstra of Sheldon was northbound on Normal College Avenue in a 2011 Ford. The road was snow-covered at the time.

As they came to the uncontrolled intersection, the report says DeRocher failed to yield to the Kamstra vehicle on his right. The two vehicles did not hit each other, but Kamstra made evasive moves to avoid the accident and struck a fire hydrant on the northeast corner of the intersection.

Kamstra’s Ford received $4000 damage. The fire hydrant received $300 in damages. DeRocher’s Pontiac was not damaged.

DeRocher was charged with failure to yield to vehicle on the right.

A minivan driven by a Sheldon teen was damaged in an accident on Friday (12/21) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 9:00 AM, 18-year-old Andrew Johnson of Sheldon was backing westbound from a parking spot on Village Circle Drive in a 2005 Dodge.

The report says he struck a lamp post, folding the post to the ground.

Johnson’s Dodge received $500 damage. The lamp post, owned by MidAmerican Energy, sustained $1500 damage.

The road surface was covered with snow at the time.

There were no injuries reported.

In other Sheldon Police news, the Police took the report of the theft of $40-worth of gasoline being stolen from a vehicle while it was parked in the alley north of Prairie Queen Bakery. The theft was reported to have occurred some time between 9 AM and 11:50 PM.

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