Sheldon Police Make Several Arrests, Cover Accidents

sheldon pd police car rearSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Police made a number of arrests and handled a number of accidents recently.

The police arrested 22-year-old Taylor Teut of Le Mars on March 17th for driving while suspended. He was cited and released.

They arrested 22-year-old Shannon Chindlund of Sheldon on March 17th for driving while suspended and on a Kossuth County Warrant for Contempt of Court and Failure To Pay Fines. He was taken into custody and transported to jail.

Also arrested on March 17th was 24-year-old Laurie Phillips of Spirit Lake. Officers charged her with driving while suspended and expired registration. She was cited into court and released.

The Sheldon Police have also sent us a late report of an arrest on March 12th. They arrested 24-year-old Jesus Arizmendi of Sheldon on that date for driving while barred. He was taken into custody and transported to jail.

A Sheldon man’s car and a Granville man’s SUV were damaged in an accident last Wednesday, March 20th in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 8:00 AM, 21-year-old Timothy Imel of Sheldon was eastbound in the 1500 block of East Ninth Street in a 2001 Ford Mustang. A 2003 Ford Excursion owned by Matthew Van Essendelft of Granville was legally-parked on East Ninth Street.

Imel struck the rear of the Van Essendelft vehicle. Imel stated that his windshield fogged up and the sun created a glare that made it impossible to see.

Imel’s Ford Mustang received $5000 damage. Van Essendelft’s Ford Excursion received $1500 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

Imel was charged with Driving with Obstructed View or Control.

A Sheldon teen’s car and a Omaha man’s pickup were damaged in an accident on Thursday (3/21) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 8:25 AM, 18-year-old Kami Ackerman of Sheldon was eastbound on Highway 18 in a 2007 Pontiac. Sixty-six-year-old Richard Rothe of Omaha, Nebraska was also eastbound on 18 in a 2008 Chevy pickup, in front of Ackerman.

Ackerman noticed she was eastbound in the westbound lanes and corrected to the eastbound lanes, where she collided with the Rothe vehicle. The front of Ackerman’s Pontiac struck the rear of Rothe’s pickup, just as Rothe began to move from being stopped at a traffic signal. Both vehicles moved forward from the collision, but then Ackerman struck the pickup in the rear again.

The police report says Ackerman’s Pontiac had a frosted-over windshield and with the glare of the sun, Ackerman couldn’t see where she was going.

Ackerman’s Pontiac received $2500 damage. Rothe’s Chevy pickup received $1000 damage.

Ackerman was charged with driving with obstructed view or control.

There were no injuries reported.

The Police arrested 22-year-old Tony Holtrop of Sheldon on Friday (3/22). He was charged with domestic assault.

Sheldon officers also arrested 48-year-old Marc Muhlbauer of Sheldon on Saturday (3/23). He was charged with interference with official acts and false report to law enforcement.

On Thursday (3/21), the police arrested 49-year-old Timothy Smutzer of Sheldon on charges of OWI, second offense, driving while his license was suspended, and improper registration.

All three were taken into custody and transported to jail in Primghar.

A Ocheyedan man’s car was damaged in an accident on Monday (3/25) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police report that about 3:35 PM, 81-year-old Alan VanderMeulen of Ocheyedan was eastbound on Elm Court, in a 2012 Kia. Seventy-six-year-old Orville DeBoer of Little Rock was backing northbound from an angle parking spot near the Christian Retirement Home in a 2010 Dodge pickup.

DeBoer backed into the VanderMeulen vehicle.

VanderMeulen’s Kia received $3000 damage. DeBoer’s Dodge pickup was not damaged.

There were no injuries reported.

De Boer was charged with unsafe backing.

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