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Sheldon Police Take Reports Of Bus Broken Into, ID Theft

Sheldon, Iowa — In the latest from the Sheldon Police Department:

Sheldon officers took a report of burglary and possible theft in a bus that was parked at RV Central. It happened sometime between the first of the sheldon police pd car door logoyear and March 24th. There was no forcible entry. The perpetrator or perpetrators are thought to have come through the door of the bus. According to Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema, the victim reported that they found the cord had been cut to the backup camera, and they are thought to have used keys hidden on the bus to get in the bus. He says the victim was unsure if anything was taken. The keys were recovered. Bolkema says it’s his understanding that the bus did not belong to RV Central, but rather someone had parked the vehicle there.

The Sheldon Police department also took an identity theft report. The victim reports it happened sometime between January of 2011 and March 24th of this year. Bolkema says the alleged victim reported that someone had been filing taxes under his name and getting his refunds. The chief says the victim had received an identity theft affidavit from the IRS, but also needed a police report.

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