Sheldon Resident Talks About Carolina Flooding

Golf Course 1Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — The Carolinas have been experiencing torrential rains in what South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has described as a “Thousand Year Rain Event”.  The rains are being generated by Hurricane Joaquin, which, while it hasn’t hit the U.S. mainland, is still wreaking havoc with the rain amounts that have been falling, several feet in some areas since the start of the past weekend.

Sheldon native Garrett Lang is a student at the Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and he tells us that the storm in his area started slow, but really picked up as Joaquin moved off from the Bahamas.

He says that the resulting floodwaters have moved some animals out of their normal environments.

Lang says that, even though he lives ten or twelve miles from the shore, flooding is still prevalent in his area.

He says that, even though he can’t play golf, he and his friends have still been able to have some fun on the golf course.

Garrett is the eldest son of Chad and Sara Lang of Sheldon.


Golf Course From Garrett Lang's Balcony Before Storm
Golf Course From Garrett Lang’s Balcony Before Storm
View Of Golf Course From Garrett Lang's Apartment Balcony
View Of Golf Course From Garrett Lang’s Apartment Balcony
Shark Swimming On Ocean Blvd In Myrtle Beach, SC
Shark Swimming On Ocean Drive In Myrtle Beach, SC


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