UPDATED WITH INDIVIDUAL TEACHER SALARIES: Sheldon Schools, Teachers Agree To 2017-18 Contract

Sheldon, Iowa — Teachers in the Sheldon Community School District will see a salary increase of approximately 3.41%, according to a contract that was aproved by the Sheldon Community School District Board of Education at a special meeting Wednesday morning.

According to the new contract benefits, including insurance, and IPERS (Iowa Public Employees Retirement System) contributions will see an approximately 3.25% increase.

The base teacher salary will increase from $40,100 this school year to $40,800 for the 2017-18 school year.  The Step/Lane Increment increase, the increase used to reward tenure, and advanced education, will increase $10, from this year’s level of $1,090 to $1,100.

Coaching and other co-curricular contracts, separate from a teacher’s regular salary, will be calculated at a base rate of $3,749, up from this year’s co-curricular calculator of $3,625.  The co-curricular calculator is used as a basis, with each position’s salary calculated as a percentage of that basis, based upon such things as coaching postition, length of the season,etc.  Coaching salaries are above and beyond the individual’s teaching salary.

Negotiations on the contract for the 2017-18 school year were thrown into chaos a few months ago, when Iowa legislators passed a bill limiting the number of items that can be negotiated in a public employees contract.  That law limits the items that may be negotiated to just salary amounts.  After the passage of that law, the Sheldon Community School District and Sheldon Education Association, the union representing the District’s teachers, were forced to scrap the work they had already completed on the 2017-18 contract, and start over from scratch.

To review the 2017-18 Tentative Agreement Survey, CLICK HERE.  The 2017-18 Master Teacher’s Contract may be viewed by CLICKING HERE.  To see the complete list of individual teacher salaries, CLICK HERE.

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