Sheldon Students Join With Thousands To Walk A Kilometer And Help Iowa Become The Healthiest State

Sheldon, Iowa — Many Iowans took time out of their day on Wednesday to walk a kilometer (0.62 miles) with friends, family, neighbors or co-workers. They became part of the second annual Healthiest State Walk in Iowa, continuing to support the Healthiest State Initiative.

Thousands of Iowans gathered in hundreds of communities to continue what was started last year when people decided together that they want Iowa to become the healthiest state in the nation and make a better Iowa for this and for future generations.

In Sheldon, besides others who went for a walk, students at Sheldon Schools also took part in the inititive and walked a kilometer as well.

Healthiest State Walk organizers encouraged walkers and everyone else to do one more thing to improve your well-being. Play outside with your kids, sit down to dinner with your family or volunteer in your community – all these will help your well-being – and the well-being of the entire state, say event organizers.

You can like the Healthiest State Initiative on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay updated and participate in giveaways. They are encouraging everyone to post photos or video of the Healthiest State Walk on their Facebook page.

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