Sheldon Students Win “If I Were Mayor” Contest

Date posted - January 23, 2012

At last Wednesday’s Sheldon City council meeting, three seventh graders presented essays telling what they would do if they were mayor. These students won the local portion of the “If I were Mayor” contest at Sheldon Middle School.

Sheldon Mayor Katricia Meendering says every student in Sheldon’s seventh grade wrote an essay like this for a statewide contest.

Katie Castelan:

If I were a mayor, I would Work with the hospital to make our hospital bigger with more services. I think we should make the hospital bigger, and with more supplies so we dont have to travel. We can help more people in need. By making this hospital bigger it also opens up new jobs for people more opportunities for people to come and live here but also work here. This also helps us bring more people to our community therefor more people pay taxes, and we can build more houses, for people in our community. That’s why we should make our hospital bigger, this is another reason my dad lost his leg in a farm accident, and so there wasnt enough supplies for my dad to stay here in Sheldon so he had to go on a helicopter all the way to Sioux city and I had to stay there for a while and miss classes, it was hard to catch up with school work, and I really didnt want to miss school because I knew it was going to be hard to come right back up from this accident it affected me in school and in my personal life thats why I want to make our hospital bigger so children dont miss school, and they can be close to their relatives and not miss school. Those are some reasons why I should be a mayor and support the hospital, and other people in need.

Mitchal Van Gorp:

If I were mayor, I would build a residential facility for young children who have disabilities. The first thing I would do is build a place where children with disabilities who need a good education can go. I would hold a city-wide auction, both silent and public auctions, that are open to anyone. This would raise money for my program. I would construct a building where children can play, learn, and succeed. With this program, they can grow up and become more successful in life and more independent.I think this is important because the youth is our future of Sheldon. Also citizens of Sheldon who have disabilities can get help in Sheldon. We should not be losing families because we do not have the facilities. If a family wanted to move to Sheldon, but needed help for their child, they could come here and get a good education at the same time. This would gain citizens instead of losing citizens. Also, we provide the North West Village Unlimited for people who have disabilities and need assisted living, but this is only for adults. Once grown up, the children who have disabilities can live at the village if needed. Also our Sheldon Community Schools mission is to prepare all learners to be productive citizens, so this would be supported by our community. This is what I would bring to Sheldon if I were mayor. Thank you for listening.

Skyler Madsen:

If I were mayor, I would increase the towns historical awareness and to help the educational side of the town. First I would renovate the older museum to hold better artifacts. I would make a local historical society to preserve our towns history. More funding would go towards the historical aspect of our town. This would come in handy in the future so we can educate the future generation of kids in this town. The libraries and schools would get more funding. The library’s computers would be up to date and virus free. The library will get more books and a new extension to the previous building to hold the new books. The schools would get updated playground equipment and new textbooks to learn more recent discoveries. This might increase taxes but it will also make sure that kids can have a better chance of going to college. After college they can go and get good paying jobs. This will get our town’s economy to flourish.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

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