Sheldon Teachers Ask For 3.29% Salary Increase

Sheldon, Iowa — The Board of Education of the Sheldon Community School District held two meetings yesterday (Wednesday, January 10th).

The first meeting took place at 4:45, and was when the Sheldon Education Association, the union representing the District’s teachers, presented their initial Collective Bargaining Proposal for their 2018-19 Master Contract with the Sheldon School District. Superintendent Robin Spears tells KIWA that the only negotiable items for public employee contracts, according to state law, are salaries. Spears says the SEA’s proposal, combining base and co-curricular base salaries, amount to a 3.29% salary increase for next school year.

The second meeting was the regular January Board meeting. At that meeting, the Board formally approved the 2018-19 District Calendar. A public hearing on the Calendar was held at their December meeting, and there was some confusion as to whether the Board had approved the calendar at that time. It was discovered that they hadn’t done so after the public hearing, so the calendar was approved at Wednesday’s meeting.

Most other items on the Board’s agenda were reports on various topics, none of which required any action by the Board.

The Board held two sessions that were not open to the public at Wednesday’s meeting. The first was a Closed Session to conduct a Superintendent Review. The second was an Exempt Session for the purpose of discussing the collective bargaining proposal presented by the Sheldon Education Association earlier in the day. No action was taken after either session.

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