Sheldon Voters Deciding Fate Of East Elementary Remodeling/Expansion Project Tuesday

vote voting ballotSheldon, Iowa — Voters in the Sheldon Community School District are going to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of a remodeling and expansion proposal for East Elementary in Sheldon. The district includes not only Sheldon, but also the communities of Archer, Ashton, and Matlock and the surrounding rural area.

The project would include asbestos removal from the existing section of the facility, as well as a multi-purpose room/gymnasium that would act as the school’s tornado shelter, and would be constructed with reinforced pre-cast concrete. The room, as well as it’s doors, would be able to withstand winds of at least 200 mph. The project would also include a complete HVAC update for the entire building, as well as additional classroom space, an expansion of the Media Center, expanded space for the vocal music program, and accessible restrooms for students and adults.

As for building security at the planned remodeled facility, school officials say there would be a security camera network, and that the south door to the building would be unlocked only during the time that buses are unloading. All other times of the day, access would be limited to the new main entrance, which would require a visitor to pass the school’s office, and would include a buzz-in system. He also said that each classroom door would be able to be locked from the inside, to enhance security.

There are actually three measures on the ballot, and for the project to continue as currently planned, all three measures would have to pass by a simple majority.

There is only one polling place for the entire district — the Sheldon Community Services Center, which is open for voting from noon until 8:00 this evening.

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