Sibley Man’s Daughter Meets Pope Benedict XVI In Person, Delivers Students’ Prayers

Dick Mataloni
Dick Mataloni

Sibley, Iowa — A Sibley man has had an experience that few people in this area get. Dick Mataloni of Sibley got the chance to go to the Vatican for a Papal Audience. Mataloni says it was made possible by his priest, Father John Vakulskas.

Mataloni says his daughter Angela was chosen as the United States delegate to go up and meet Pope Benedict XVI, kiss his ring, and talk to him for a few minutes.

Mataloni says it’s custom to give the Pope a gift, but his daughter didn’t know that she was going to be chosen to speak to him. However, a perfect opportunity presented itself.

For a link to pictures of Angela Mataloni meeting the Pope, click here.

He says the Vatican, while small for a country, is quite large as a complex. He tells us about the experience.

He says they also had a chance to visit the other major historical sites in Rome.

Mataloni says if given the chance, he’d love to go again.

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