Sibley Posts New Speed Radar Sign

Sibley, Iowa — Motorists on one street in Sibley will encounter an electronic device that will remind them to check their speed as they approach.

Pictured are Osceola County Chief Deputy Kevin Wollmuth and Dispatcher Sande Smith

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office,  in conjunction with the City of Sibley, has installed a radar sign on 5th Street in Sibley.  Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber tells KIWA that the sign is located atop a speed limit sign, about 2 blocks east of the Lewis Drug location in Sibley.

The radar sign was acquired through the Iowa Special Traffic Enforcement Program , or sTEP, Grant.

Weber says the county has a second, trailer-mounted device that is deployed at various locations throughout Osceola County.  Weber says the 5th Street location was chosen for the new radar sign, partially because it’s one of the town’s busier streets, and partially due to no parking being allowed along the entire length of the street, making it difficult to place the trailer unit in a safe location along that street.

In addition to the radar sign mounted on 5th Street in Sibley, Weber says there are plans for an additional unit to be placed somewhere in Sibley in the future.  He says the trailer-mounted unit will also continue to make appearances around Osceola County.  These units are not used for enforcement of the speed limit, but are intended to serve as a reminder to motorists to pay  attention to their vehicle’s speed.

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