Sioux Center Hy-Vee May Build On Former Hospital Site

Sioux Center, Iowa — A deal is being hammered out between the City of Sioux Center and Hy-Vee Food Stores that would basically amount to a swap of properties.
Hy-Vee Logo
Sioux Center Health moved to a facility on the eastern edge of Sioux Center on B40 nearly two years ago. Since that time, the former hospital building has been demolished, and made ready for development.

Last fall, an agreement was made for the city and Hy-Vee to swap properties, with the city becoming the new owner of the property in southern Sioux Center adjacent to what used to be Walmart, before Walmart built their supercenter. The adjacent building is now home to a few restaurants and other businesses.

Now Hy-Vee says they want to include more property in the deal.

The Sioux Center city council has set a date for a public hearing next month on the proposal, which would add property south of Seventh Street Southwest, adjacent to the former hospital site. The public hearing will be May 4th.

Seventh Street Southwest is the street to the south of the former hospital property, south of where the clinic used to be. The additional property, part of which has been a parking lot, would be designated for future development. City officials say a couple of homes would also be included in the deal.

City officials have said that if the plan is approved, they will re-align the Seventh Street Southwest and Highway 75 intersection.

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