Sioux Center Researching Highway Options

Sioux Center, Iowa — Highway 75, known as Main Avenue in Sioux Center has been a topic of discussion for years. Car versus car and car versus pedestrian accidents, which used to be more common, are down, according to city leaders since the implementation of a three-lane alignment with a center turning lane in the downtown area.
But, says Sioux Center City Council member David Krahling, traffic flow continues to be an issue. He says safety and traffic flow were two of the main elements in a study that has just been completed.

So, Krahling says the council members’ thoughts appear to be that doing nothing is out. He says they’ve also pretty much eliminated another option.

He says one option that came up in this study was a divided four-lane highway with a landscaped median. He says they’re considering that possibility and what it would mean, among other ideas.

Krahling says that last time frustrations included the expensive price tag, and the fact that it was difficult to generate community support without a final design.

He says the next step is a petition drive for a referendum vote.

He says he would expect there to be more formal action regarding the referendum at the next Sioux Center City Council meeting. Assuming they can get 108 signatures on the petition, Krahling says it would probably be on the November ballot. He says a time for public input in the design process would follow.

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