Sioux County 2014-2015 Budget Upheld After Appeal By “New Broom Society of Siouxland”

Orange City, Iowa — With one correction, Sioux County’s 2014-15 budget has been upheld by the State Board of Appeals.

After a group calling themselves the “New Broom Society of Siouxland” gathered signatures asking for an appeal of Sioux County’s 2014-15 budget, a hearing was held on Thursday, April 17th before representatives from the state Treasurer, Auditor, and Management Offices. No determination was made at that hearing. Sioux County Courthouse front_sva

However, the State Appeal Board met on April 28th, and except for ordering Sioux County to correct a mistake in the Fiscal Year 2013 beginning balance figure used to prepare the Fiscal Year 2015 budget, the Appeal Board voted to sustain the 2014-15 tax levy and expenditures as adopted.

The Appeal board did mention that over half of the signatures presented by the protesters did not contain full mailing addresses. That meant that they could not be cross checked with voting records as required by law. Even though the number of valid signatures with addresses were not enough to force the hearing, on the basis of public interest, the board decided to hear the protest anyway.

Time does not permit us to go through each and every line item brought up by the New Broom Society, the responses from the County, or the Appeal Board’s findings of fact, but the entire response document includes all of that information and is available by clicking here.

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