Sioux County Deputy Honored For His Drug Recognition Skills

siouxsheriff2Orange City, Iowa — A Sioux County Deputy is being honored for his work recognizing the signs of drug use. Sioux County Sheriff Dan Altena tells us about Deputy Caleb Haverdink’s position of “Drug Recognition Expert”.

He says that’s where Haverdink’s training comes in. Altena says Deputy Haverdink was certified as a DRE following his training in 2011.

The Sheriff says that as a DRE Haverdink uses his training with his investigations of drivers who have failed standardized sobriety assessments but satisfactorily pass a breath test for alcohol.

In fact, Haverdink’s experience and training was used on 18 DRE investigations in 2012; the most of any DRE in the Northwest Region of Iowa.

On Wednesday, March 20, Haverdink will receive recognition for his outstanding work as Sioux County’s Drug Recognition Expert. He’ll receive the award from the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau at their conference, which will be held at the Prairie Meadows Convention Center in Altoona.

In addition to being recognized at the conference, Haverdink will receive a Looxcie camera, which he can use as a supplementary tool in his investigations. This camera can be mounted on Haverdink’s uniform; it records his investigative work, which can then be shown to a judge, jury and attorneys in a court setting.

Sheriff Altena says Deputy Haverdink’s work has helped make Sioux County roads safer for everyone. He says he’s very proud of Haverdink’s accomplishments and hard work.

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