Sioux County Native Thanked In A Very Public Way

Deputy-Kyle-CleveringaSioux City, Iowa — An Orange City native who is now working as a Woodbury County Sheriff’s Deputy is receiving accolades from around the nation after a post to the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page went viral.

Woodbury County Deputy Sheriff Kyle Cleveringa pulled a car over in Sioux City at about three a.m. Wednesday because a tail light and the light above the license plate weren’t working. When he walked up and spoke to the driver, Mindy Mathewson told the deputy her one-year-old son was having trouble breathing.

Cleveringa told the woman to keep driving to the hospital and he followed her all the way inside.

Mathewson went on the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Facebook page to thank the deputy. She explained it was Cleveringa who held the boy while she filled out that paperwork. Mathewson wrote that the deputy did some “high-fives” with the one-year-old while he comforted her sick child, plus he gave the boy a stuffed toy truck. Mathewson ended her post with a P.S. that her son is now fine and she promised to “get the lights fixed ASAP!” The post was shared nearly 800 times in the first 24 hours it was up and has been “liked” thousands of times. The deputy says he was just doing his job.

Cleveringa started working at the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Department three and a half years ago. He’s been a patrol deputy for the past year and wasn’t even scheduled to be working on Wednesday morning. He was filling in for a colleague who just had a baby.

Deputy Cleveringa is a native of Orange City.

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