Sioux County Sheriff Drug Recognition Expert Helps Train New Drug Recognition Experts In Des Moines

Sioux Sheriff Car 84-Des Moines, Iowa — The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office Drug Recognition Expert had a chance recently to help some new trainees in Des Moines.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that on Thursday, September 19, Deputy Caleb Haverdink, the sheriff’s office certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), participated in ride-along training in Des Moines.

The Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) recently held their annual certification class for new DRE officers. They requested other certified DREs from Iowa law enforcement agencies to assist with this annual training. Haverdink’s role was to help new DRE officers find and evaluate drivers suspected to be under the influence of drugs. This allowed new DRE’s to complete their required in]state field evaluations.

Haverdink worked with an officer from the Iowa Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement. Together they encountered three people who were suspected and subsequently arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of an illegal drug. Haverdink performed a total of 15 other motorist evaluations during the training period.

Capt. Jamison Van Voorst said, ”Deputy Haverdink has done an outstanding job as a DRE in Sioux County. His diligence and expertise has led to numerous arrests. It was a good experience for Haverdink to participate and share his knowledge and training to this new class of DREs, who can now go out and be a part of keeping our Iowa roadways safe.”

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