Some Changes Might Be In Store For Sheldon Library

library 43Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Public Library will have a new Director later this year, after Ruth Rodvik steps down in November, and the Library Board  feels this would be a good time to discuss changing the status of the assistant director from an hourly wage to a salary with City Benefits.  Jessica Brink said the Board feels that “to successfully manage and maintain a library of our size, it is appropriate to have two full-time employees on-staff.’  To back up that assertion she showed a survey of area community libraries that provide benefits through the city.  Council Member Brad Hindt commented that this is something that should be brought up at budget time and it is too late for this fiscal year.  City Manager Scott Wynja agreed, saying that full insurance benefits would add $24,000 to the budget.   Brink said she knew that a decision could not be made immediately, but felt the discussion had to start sometime, and this was ‘the time’.

In other business, there was a renewed discussion on the request by Schottsy’s Bar and Grill for a special Outdoor Liquor License.  This time it is for the evening of September 3rd,  with music until one a.m.  The Council again specified that Schottsy’s must notify the neighbors of the upcoming event, but Councilman Greg Geels asked what recourse neighbors would have if they objected to the music that late into the night.  Others felt this would be mainly a courtesy call, but complaints from neighbors could affect future requests by Schottsy’s.  After the discussion the request was granted.

Harold Postma spoke to the Council during the public comments period, with several complaints. He said that last year someone instigated a complaint against his wife doing a small farmers market in the park.  Then he said she moved across the highway to the old Hy-Vee lot and the police told the owner of the property that he should not allow her to be there.  He questioned why there could be vendors in the park for Labor Day if there were rules against it.   He also questioned why the old depot has not been fixed up inside.   He said that at one time he had made plans to fix it up, but was stopped because there were other people in charge. He said the depot is a danger to the public and the Council should look into it.  Mayor Meendering assured Postma that she would look into his concerns.

In other business the Council appointed Public Works director Todd Uhl  to represent Sheldon on the Lewis and Clark Water Board.  He replaces Scott Wynja who is leaving his Sheldon City Manager position this fall.

Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema reported that the ‘Shop with a Cop’ event was again a success.  He said that LOVE INC recommended 36 students for the program this year.  Bolkema remarked that he was ‘super impressed’ by the participation of volunteers and those who donated to the project.

Mayor Katricia Meendering reminded everyone that August 19th is the last day for submitting applications for the City Manager Position.  She said that the search committee will meet August 23rd to review the applications.

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