Spalding Catholic High School Students Will Go To Gehlen In The Fall

Spalding CatholicLe Mars, Iowa — High school students from Spalding Catholic High School in Granville will be attending Gehlen Catholic High School in Le Mars this fall.

On Wednesday, (1/2/13) the Spalding Catholic and Gehlen Catholic School Boards met in Le Mars to vote separately on the proposed unification of the two high schools. Immediately after the vote, the two school boards met to discuss the respective results.

Both boards voted to approve the unification of Spalding and Gehlen Catholic High School beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. As the school boards presented throughout the discernment process, the unified high school will be called Gehlen Catholic High School and will be located in Le Mars.

Jeanne Jungers, Spalding Catholic School Board President says that they want to thank the Gehlen Catholic family for being more than just a willing and interested partner. She also says that as part of the unification process, Spalding Catholic is now able to strengthen their quality preK-8th grade system. She says they know that with this change there will be sadness, but they also anticipate great things for the future. She says they trust the Lord is leading them into a new “season” for Catholic education in their community.

Meanwhile, layoffs are expected. Spalding School Board president Brian Kolbeck has said that Gehlen will try to hire the best Spalding teachers, but there will not be room for everyone.

Spalding is planning to celebrate the success it has enjoyed over the last 50 years through a variety of upcoming liturgies and activities. They include Catholic Schools Week, the Spalding Catholic Gala, commencement, a 50th Anniversary celebration this summer and more.

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