Spring Blizzard Could Be “Historic”

Northwest Iowa — There is potential for a historic storm this weekend. Blizzard warnings have been posted for the area.

We had a chance to ask Sioux Falls National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp what we can expect.

The forecast for Friday night does include a brief mention of freezing rain. Heitkamp says he doesn’t think that will turn out to be too big of a deal. But we could also see another kind of icing.

Heitkamp says the main issue Saturday won’t be the snow — but the wind.

He says if the weather turns out as they have been predicting, you probably shouldn’t plan on going anywhere on Saturday.

Heitkamp says this is fairly normal for a combination spring storm — the leading edge of the storm has springlike weather, like rain, and the back side has the snow and sometimes blizzard conditions. Stay tuned to KIWA or for any closures and delays.

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