St Bernard Owner Tells Her Side Of Story In Dogs vs Goats Story

Date posted - July 10, 2013

Amy Fluit's Dogs 2Rock Rapids, Iowa — Two show goats and three dogs are dead in a controversial incident near Rock Rapids over the weekend, and we’re getting more facts and opinions as the days go by.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that Amy Fluit’s three St. Bernards were allegedly found eating Mike Bus’s show goats on Sunday (7/7/13), and Bus allegedly shot the dogs. Both Fluit and Bus are Rock Rapids area residents.

We had a chance to talk with Amy Fluit, and she told us her side of the story. She says it started Saturday when she was camping at Lake Pahoja, and Lyon County Deputy Mark Dorhout tried to contact her at her home near Rock Rapids to tell her what her dogs were up to.

Fluit says she has not seen any evidence that the dogs killed a goat.

She says she wishes Bus would have called her and gave her some warning, and she would have rectified the situation before it came to this. Although the Sheriff’s press release states that the three dogs were shot all at once, Fluit says she’s sure one of them was shot much earlier — sometime on Saturday, and the other ones were shot on Sunday morning. She says one of the dogs was stiff with rigor mortis on Sunday morning when she picked up the bodies. Fluit says she also checked with a veterinarian.

Amy Fluit's Dog 1Fluit says she was told that the dogs were killed in a goat pen, but the pictures she received showed one of them was killed in a shed and two of them were shot by a grain bin. She says as if the news that they were all dead wasn’t bad enough, one of the dogs was pregnant.

Fluit says she and her girls are devastated about the loss of the dogs.

Fluit also wanted to quell a rumor that’s going around.

She says that the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has promised that she will get the full police report soon. She says she is not sure if they will file a civil suit in the matter.

Mike Bus has referred all questions to his lawyer, Randy Waagmeester. We talked to Waagmeester and he referred people to the Lyon County Sheriff’s press release about the incident. He said they may have information to release in the future, but did not have anything further to say at this time.

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9 Responses to “St Bernard Owner Tells Her Side Of Story In Dogs vs Goats Story”

  1. Red says:

    The “Three S Rule” should have applied here. “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up.”

  2. Mom of 3 says:

    The fact of the matter is, your dogs were wandering and if that’s ok with you that they wander, then you need to accept the fact that they are in harms way. For all you people who compare this to livestock getting out, you need to pull your head out. If you shoot someone’s livestock on your property and butcher it and put it in your freezer, that’s stealing. Just because you shoot it doesn’t make it yours. Livestock producers have insurance to cover damages caused by their livestock. With all that said, being a good neighbor, whether it is by keeping your pets home or by calling your neighbor and letting them know there’s been an incident with your pet, should be the right thing to do. I’m just glad I live in a neighborhood where we all get along and respect each other, our pets, and livestock.

    • Dog Owner says:

      Technically your home owners insurance covers destruction of property by your pets as well as livestock(at least mine does I called them and verified it).

  3. Another Dog Owner says:

    Here we go again, this dog owner wants to whine and talk about a law suit instead of taking responsibility. What is the root cause of this entire situation? The dog owner’s negligence. The dogs were on someone else’s property doing whatever they were doing and the property owner had every right to do what he did. It may have been a little drastic but again, nothing would have happened if the dogs were at home. Instead of trying to escape responsibility the dog owner should be apologizing to the property owner for causing so much trouble. Before you comment, yes I do have three dogs. They are either in the house or running quietly in a fenced yard.

    • Dog Owner 3 says:

      Where does it say anywhere in this article that this gal was talking about a lawsuit. As far as I am concerned, if anyone jumped the gun on this, it is the owner of the goats, if he wasn’t in the wrong, why does he have an attorney? I’m not saying what the dogs did was right, but also, how can he prove that these dogs were the ones that actually did the KILLING of these goats, it could have very well been coyotes that killed them. Its devastation on both parties. I once had some huskies that got onto a neighbors property and killed some of his guinies, but rather than shooting them himself, he gave me an option to either replace them or to put my dogs down myself, I chose the ladder of the 2 because I do know that once a dog gets the taste of blood, it will go after it again, however, in this case, he could have given her the option to put them down herself.

      • Another Dog Owner says:

        Please refer to the paragraph above. “She says that the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has promised that she will get the full police report soon. She says she is not sure if they will file a civil suit in the matter”. Unfortunately we live in a very litigious society and lawsuits, with or without merit, are filed daily. Given the above statement I can understand why the property owner consulted an attorney before making additional comments. I am sure this was a very devastating event for the dog owners but it would be nice if both parties could get together and solve this between themselves.

        • dog lover and owner says:

          I have met those dogs. They lived around livestock and have never had an incident. I have seen them let baby kittens crawl all over them. Have you ever met a st. Bernard? Pretty much the gentlest giant there is. My bet is they were trying to find some shade. Eating goats? Show me proof!! Its too bad they got off their property but to heartlessly shoot them without giving the owners a chance to rectify the situation is appalling. They were neighbors so he knew who they were. I hope he has to pay for the price of the dogs minus the price of the goats BC I can guarantee they were far more valuable than a couple of goats!

          • ranger says:

            Yes, I have met a st. bernard, and I have met a very mean one as well! Just because of the breed makes no difference! Sorry, owner was not very responsible! Dogs should have been at home!!!!!! Where was the owner????

          • Lee Ann says:

            Sorry to say, the courts are going to side with the owner of the livestock. Its a fact of life that dogs caught killing livestock (or eating), put down and the farmer is not liable. The owners of the dogs may be liable for the cost of the goats. Saint Bernards used to be bred for personality and size. In the last 25 years, they have been bred for size, alone. And there are some mean St Bernards out there. A friend of mine breeds them and refuses to breed one of them until they are over 6 years old, because she wants to be sure of the temperment.

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