State Launches New 24/7 Resouce For Bullied Kids

Date posted - November 28, 2012

Des Moines, Iowa — Governor Terry Branstad has announced the creation of a new resource for Iowa kids who’re being bullied or contemplating suicide.

(as said) “Trained counselors will offer support and guidance to bullied youth who feel they have run out of options,” Branstad says.

The “Your Life Iowa” website and phone line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Kids can even send a text to get help. It’s a joint project of two state agencies — the Departments of Public Health and Education — and Boys Town, an Omaha-based organization that helps troubled youth and families as well as the homeless. Tuesday was its first day of operation — to coincide with the statewide bullying prevention summit in Des Moines.

(as said) “(The website) will also serve as a go-to resource where Iowans can get information about how to be part of the solution to ending bullying and youth suicide,” Branstad said.

Go to to find a link to the website and hear more about the bullying prevention summit. Branstad spoke to the crowd of educators and students for about 10 minutes, saying the culture around us “fosters a disregard for others” that can be dangerous.

(as said) “Incivility has become all too common in the workplace, in politics and on the road as well as in the social media,” Branstad said.

According to the governor, Iowa schools can’t solve the problem of bullying alone — they need the support of the entire community.

(as said) “Treating each other with respect is a prized value in our state, yet it’s clear that it’s time for this conversation to occur,” Branstad said.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds told the crowd at the summit that “all too often” adults are “unaware that our kids deal” with bullying and “dismiss it as just ‘kids being kids'” and the summit hopefully will “shine a light” on the problem.

Bullying and teen suicide are a topic of concern in northwest Iowa, and statewide — especially after the suicide of Primghar teen Kenneth Weishuhn this past spring.

Available 24/7, Your Life Iowa is a phone call or text away at or 855-581-8111. Trained counselors will provide guidance and support about bullying, and critical help to youth who feel they’ve run out of options and are considering suicide.

“This hotline is another step toward building a healthier Iowa for our young people, but we are a long way from where we need to be,” said IDPH Director, Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. “It will take sensitivity and awareness by all Iowans to end bullying and to provide the encouragement and support young people need to see beyond the immediate and tragically irreversible action of suicide.”

Your Life Iowa is funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health in partnership with Boys Town, the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Committee, and the Iowa Department of Education Bullying Prevention, Intervention and Reporting Initiative.

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4 Responses to “State Launches New 24/7 Resouce For Bullied Kids”

  1. Pam says:

    The state also gave out 1 inch worry dolls so the kids can tell their worry to the doll and put it under their pillows. Our tax dollars at work!

    • Mom says:

      Wow, you have obviously never had to deal with the pain of being bullied or watching your loved ones suffer from it.
      It isn’t about kids just being kids, sometimes it goes so far beyond that it takes a toll on the poor kid to the point they are living in misery, not wanting to get up in the morning because school is a nightmare for them. Maybe a “popular” kid and them, once best friends, had a falling out and the crowd followed the other person. Things got mean… now a majority of kids at school belittle this child, every day and no one knows why, they always have. Some kids would like them, but being friends would come at a cost to them. They too could suffer. So the bullied child sits alone.
      The ones bullying get egged on by their friends. A push in the hall gets a laugh, a mean comment gets a smirk. It grows bigger and bigger.
      Eventually this child can no longer cope. Have you seen the rate of suicide among adolescents? I’m talking successful, not attempts. I have. I am taking classes involving mental health and psychology.
      I have been out of high-school for many years and for the most part it was a good experience for me, but unfortunately , one of my children was a target for a while and I had to see what it was doing to them. However I did not let it go as kids just being kids, I took it to the top. Mama bear showed her teeth and the school was very good about keeping on top of it. Luckily, this child has now graduated but will tell you even today how hard it was for that time.

      So hey government! Take my few cents you made need to set this up! If it saves any child’s life or any misery at all, do it!

    • Mom says:

      And I don’t know if we have a massive age gap or if it was your local government, but can I ask what a worry doll is? I graduated in the 90s it must have been before me or before my kids were in school or after they left grade school or something because over never heard of one

  2. Chuck says:

    Back in my day if someone was being bullied we would gang up and beat the snot out of them. The bullying stopped pretty quick.

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