State Patrol Facing Trooper Shortage

Johnston, Iowa — The Iowa State Patrol is facing a shortage of troopers.
Iowa State Patrol Car
We talked to Iowa State Patrol Sargent Nathan Ludwig. He tells us about the number of troopers on the road (minus administration and supervisors) now compared to years ago.

Ludwig says while funding is one of the reasons for the decline, that’s not the whole picture.

He says it’s just not as popular of a career choice, although they continue to recruit. Of course, money does play a part as well, says Ludwig.

He says, however, that the updated equipment can mean a quicker response time.

He says they do ask for more funding from the legislature every year.

The good news, says Ludwig, is there is not a clear-cut correlation between the number of troopers and the safety of Iowa’s citizens. For instance, the number of fatal car crashes has gone down in recent years. But some of that could be attributed to other causes including better safety laws and equipment, he says.

Ludwig does say that the visibility of troopers out on the road does increase safety, due to people being more aware of their speed and driving habits.

If you’re interested in becoming a state trooper, he says you can find more information at

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