Texas Seventh Grader Wins Full Ride To Rock Rapids Online Academy

keyboardRock Rapids, Iowa – In a way, it’s hidden from the public eye, so many people may not even be aware of a large school in Lyon County. But its students are from all over the world. And one of them has won a full scholarship to the school.

Alpha Omega Academy in Rock Rapids is the accredited online Christian school of Alpha Omega Publications.

One of their students won a full scholarship to the academy. She is Grace Schaefer of Austin, Texas.

As part of a “12 Days of Deals” special in December, Alpha Omega Publications invited homeschool families to enter a drawing to win five year-long classes at Alpha Omega Academy. With more than 370 entrants, Schaefer walked away with the prize. Schaefer plans to begin 7th grade at the academy and is looking forward to learning online and connecting with classmates who are working through the same coursework.

Grace Shaefer’s mom Tish says that this is Grace’s first time with a more formal education. She says that with Grace getting closer to high school and college age, she felt it was important to give her what she needs for college.

Tish Schaefer discovered AOP through homeschooling conventions and uses curriculum such as Horizons Math to teach her three children at home in Texas. When she learned about the academy scholarship drawing, her daughter’s interest in online schooling prompted her to enter.

Alpha Omega Academy’s accredited online program provides both high school diploma and college prep tracks, complete with official recordkeeping and transcripts to help graduates transition to higher education.

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