Third Graders Tour Downtown Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — Ninety-one Sheldon Community Schools 3rd Graders toured five locations in downtown Sheldon Friday morning as part of their Social Studies unit on the history of Sheldon.

Students from Mr. Buchholtz’ class, Mrs. Jansen’s class, Mrs. Arnold’s class, and Miss Wollenburg’s class visited Northwestern Bank, the Sheldon Police Department, Sheldon Mayor Katricia Meendering, the Sheldon Public Library, and KIWA Radio.

As part of their field trip, the 3rd graders took part in a Scavenger Hunt, seeking various places from a list of ten. You can view the list below.

While at KIWA, the kids learned about the history of the radio station, as well as all the different jobs needed to run the station. While at KIWA they toured one of the station’s studios, and even recorded the Pledge of Allegiance.

Each of the four groups also paused to have their photo taken while at the radio station. You can see those photos below…………………………….

Mr. Buchholtz’ Class


Mrs. Arnold’s Class


Mrs. Jansen’s Class


Miss Wollenburg’s Class


Scavenger Hunt List

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