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Three Injured In Sanborn Accident On Friday Morning

Sanborn FDSanborn, Iowa — We now have the details about that accident that happened in Sanborn.

A Sanborn woman, a Melvin man, and a Spirit Lake man were taken to the hospital after the accident on Friday morning (9/6/13).

The Sanborn Police Department reports that about 8:55 AM, 62-year-old Carol Wiekamp of Sanborn was driving a 2001 Ford pickup. Forty-one-year-old Ross Hinkey of Melvin was driving a 1997 Dodge pickup.

The police report says that Wiekamp initially backed into a light pole located in the alley in the 100 block between Main Street and Franklin Street. Wiekamp then began to drive forward, and a vehicle malfunction caused the accelerator to become stuck. As the vehicle accelerated uncontrollably, it traveled southbound through the alley towards East First Street. The Wiekamp vehicle struck a trailer that was parked near the alleyway. This collision caused the trailer to collide into a storage building. This collision caused minor damage to the trailer and the building. The driver was unable to slow the vehicle as the brakes were not functioning properly. As the pickup crossed East First Street, Wiekamp veered to the right, travelling westbound now and traveled towards the south side of the Associated Milk Producers Incorporated building. The pickup then struck the rear of the Hinkey pickup which was westbound at a slow rate of speed along the south side of the AMPI building. After the collision with the Hinkey pickup, the Wiekamp pickup struck a pile of railroad ties, where it came to rest.

Wiekamp was transported to Sanford Sheldon by Sanborn Ambulance and Hinkey and a passenger in the Hinkey vehicle, 48-year-old John Laird of Spirit Lake were both transported to Sanford Sheldon by the Sheldon Community Ambulance Team.

Wiekamp’s Ford pickup received $16,000 damage, enough to total the vehicle. Hinkey’s Dodge pickup received $5000 damage. A storage building sustained $1000 in damages and the trailer that was struck sustained $250 in damages.

No charges were filed.

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