Three Northwest Iowa Fire Departments Called To Chimney Fire In Paullina Monday Morning

FD fire lightbarPaullina, Iowa — Three northwest Iowa fire departments were called to an early morning chimney fire this morning in Paullina.

According to the O’Brien County dispatcher, the Paullina Fire Department was called to the fire on Willow Street about 5:30 this morning. The Paullina Fire Department also called for help from the Granville and Primghar Fire Departments.

Paullina Fire Chief Brian Feltman says the fire was at 111 North Willow, the home of John Hahn. Feltman says when they got there, the fire department saw smoke coming from the roof vents. They determined it was a fireplace chimney fire, and went to work putting it out. They did need to knock a hole in the wall between the garage and the house, he says as well as some vent holes in the roof.

He says there was some damage, but it should be fairly easy to repair. He says the chimney, however, will need to be replaced. Feltman says the whole house has smoke damage.

He’s not sure on a cause, but he says it was probably a typical chimney fire — as in creosote in the chimney probably caught fire.

There were no injuries reported, but the Paullina Ambulance did respond just in case.

Feltman says fire crews battled not only the fire but also very cold windchills. The air temperature was -17 and the windchill was -47, he says.

They were on scene for about two hours, according to the chief.

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