Thursday Evening Update From North West REC

2013-04-11_18-10-27_321Orange City, Iowa — This update comes directly from North West REC:

The North West REC crews continue to make progress on our outage restoration efforts, but as of 7:30 p.m. this afternoon, we still have approximately 200 members out of electric service. The majority of the outages are in the north half of Sioux and O’Brien counties where the ice loading was the heaviest.

When the ice came off the lines mid-morning, it resulted in our lines wrapping together and caused an extensive number of burn downs.
We have moved all of our available linemen to the impacted areas and they are working hard in some challenging conditions to restore power as quickly as possible for our members.

The safety of our crews and the general public continues to be our number one priority. We want to remind everyone to stay away from any downed power lines and we would ask that you report them to us.

Members are also reminded to call the Outage 800 Number which is (800) 766-2099 to report an outage if they are still out of power.

At this time, it is likely that we will have some members out of power overnight in the areas of Sioux Center, Boyden, Hospers, Sheldon and Sanborn.

We sincerely appreciate the outstanding patience and cooperation we are receiving from our member-owners.

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