Trooper: Drive Safely — It’s Back To School Time

Northwest Iowa — Students are heading back to school this week and that means motorists need to take extra care to remain alert. Iowa State Patrol Trooper, Vince Kurtz, says avoiding distractions is always important and especially when driving near a school.
chevy school bus_sxc

He says you should slow down to 20 miles-an-hour, hang up the cell phone, and pay attention 100 percent of the time. Kurtz says if you encounter a school bus, watch for the yellow and then red flashing lights as it makes a stop.

Trooper Kurtz says more buses are being equipped with cameras to help identify and catch violators. He says in recent years, legislators have passed laws to make the fines and punishment of passing a stopped school bus much stronger.

Kurtz says law officers will be doing extra patrols in school zones this week to watch for possible violators as schools get back in session.

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