Trump Infrastructure Plan May Include Funding For Water System

Tea, South Dakota — Earlier this week, President Donald Trump issued his long-awaited infrastructure plan. And the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System could benefit from it.

The plan was opposed by Democrats who said it didn’t go far enough. But the Trump administration says the plan’s $200 billion will leverage $1.5 trillion in local and private investment.

Trump had asked each governor for a list their top five infrastructure projects. One of the projects listed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, which is partially-completed. While cities and systems are slowly being connected, the system has yet to reach Sioux Center, Hull, Sheldon, and Sibley in Iowa; Worthington, Minnesota; and Madison, South Dakota.

Troy Larson, executive director of the system says they’ve been working with the Trump administration for the last year to get Lewis & Clark included in the plan.

He tells us why he says that.

Larson says the President’s preliminary 2019 budget was released this week too. He says that no matter what party is in the white house, they have never treated Lewis & Clark well, and this time was no exception with only $100,000 in the proposed budget. He tells us what Lewis & Clark leaders plan to do about that.

Larson says they also continue to depend on federal funding advances from the three state governments since the federal funding is so slow to come in.

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