UPDATE: Trump Tweets Slam Vander Plaats, Vander Plaats Responds

Bob Vander Plaats 2015

Sheldon, Iowa — It didn’t take long for Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz to take on Donald Trump for disparaging tweets that Trump sent out about Sheldon native and The Family Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats, who has endorsed Senator Cruz for the Republican nomination.

At a rally in southeast Iowa Tuesday night, Cruz jumped to Vander Plaats’ defense.

Trump sent a series of tweets, accusing Vander Plaats of being a “phony” and of trying to stay for free at Trump hotels. Vander Plaats tweeted back, saying he still considers Trump a friend — but Trump still can’t have his endorsement. Cruz suggests Trump’s Tweets are a hint to Trump’s true character.

Cruz also called Trump a friend, but added this:

Cruz made the comments to about 400 people at a southeast Iowa Rally Tuesday night.


Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon native and The Family Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats was the subject of some sharply worded tweets from Donald Trump earlier today.  Trump tweeted the following earlier today:  “@bobvanderplaats begged me to do an event while asking organizers for $100,000 for himself—a bad guy!”  And later, “Why doesn’t phony @bobvanderplaats tell his followers all the times he asked for him and his family to stay at my hotels-didn’t like paying”

We caught up with Bob Vander Plaats as he was travelling today, and he says Trump’s comments are provoked simply by the fact that he endorsed a Republican Presidential candidate other than Trump.

Vander Plaats says Trump’s tweets expose him for who he really is.

Vander Plaats had this message for Trump, “We can’t be bought.”

Vander Plaats has endorsed Republican Ted Cruz for President, and, when we caught up with him, was travelling to a southeast Iowa rally to appear with Cruz and former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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