Two Show Goats And Three St. Bernards Dead In Controversial Rock Rapids Area Incident

Date posted - July 9, 2013

Amy Fluit's Dog 1Rock Rapids, Iowa — Two show goats and three dogs are dead in a controversial incident near Rock Rapids over the weekend.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that the dogs were found eating the goats, and the goat farmer shot the dogs.

They say the incident started on Saturday (7/6/13) when Mike Bus of Rock Rapids found one of his show goats dead, and a St. Bernard was eating the goat. The dog is alleged to have killed the goat.

On Sunday, (7/7/13), the Sheriff’s Office reports that three St. Bernards were found eating another show goat in its pen. They say the farmer [Bus] shot the three dogs, owned by Eric and Amy Fluit of Rock Rapids and then notified law enforcement. Amy Fluit says one dog was actually shot on Saturday and two on Sunday, while the family was camping at Lake Pahoja.

Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep says that his deputies tried to get a hold of the Fluits but were initially unable to, because, as they later found out, the Fluits were camping.

The Sheriff says that an exemption to the Code of Iowa for animal abuse and animal torture allows a person to reasonably act to protect his property from damage caused by an unconfined animal.

The Sheriff says no charges will be filed against the farmer for destroying the dogs which are accused of killing the show goats.Amy Fluit's Dogs 2

Vander Stoep says while this is an unfortunate incident, he advises people to keep their dogs confined, because once they enter someone else’s property, and if that person thinks the dog poses a risk to their property, they are justified in destroying the animal, even if it is a pet.

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25 Responses to “Two Show Goats And Three St. Bernards Dead In Controversial Rock Rapids Area Incident”

  1. ash says:

    So your saying it’s ok for someone to trap an innocent dog in a building and murder it over dead goats that have been rotting there for days? And then the next morning murder the other two dogs? If these goats were so important to mike bus then how come he left multiple dead goats lay around for days??

  2. Amy Fluit says:

    Please correct that Lila was shot Saturday and Missy and Chomps were shot Sunday. There is no proof of any said goat. And not a single one of these dogs were shot in a goat pen. One was shot in a small shed after being blocked in there. One was shot in the grass in front of corn crib and one was on the other side of the corn crib.

    • scottv says:


      That may very well be the case, but the information posted here is posted the way it was received from the Sheriff’s Office. We are only telling people what the Sheriff’s Office reported. I will add that “Amy Fluit says one dog was shot on Saturday and two on Sunday.” But I can’t say that’s what the Sheriff’s Office reported — know what I mean? I can only publish what other people say.

  3. 77Orab says:

    If the Goats were already dead as alleged by the farmer, then why shoot the dogs. It seems to me there was no longer an immediate threat?

    Do 2 wrongs make a right? The farmer could have called the owners or the sheriff’s department prior.

    It seems like such a tragedy!

  4. Tim says:

    So does that mean if my neighbors cattle get out, and destroy my crops I get to shoot them? What about all the deer, they destroy crops, do we get to shoot them? I think this Sherriff just made open season on any animal that is on someone else’s property.

    • Tim says:

      Ok…this theory is great!! I have a neighbor that has cattle out several times a year…on my yard in my field, destroying my property…so now…I get to fill my freezer with cattle that are on my property. Or wait…the sherriff told me I could not shoot them…but I can shoot his dog???? Yes be responsible owners of animals…but according to many of you that think it is ok to shoot anything that crosses your property line. you better check on that, it ain’t so!!!

  5. Mom of 3 says:

    If your dogs are so precious to you, keep them on your own property, especially since one got shot the day before. If my dogs went to the neighbors and one got shot I would make darn sure the other two stayed home.

    • Mom of 3 says:

      I misspoke about the one dog getting shot the day before but I still maintain that if the dogs were such precious pets, they should be kept at home.

    • Amy Fluit says:

      Yes my dogs should have been kept home. When the person doing our chores on Saturday was at our house our dogs were always there. Do you have a dog? Or any type of per outside? Can you say for sure that you pet is always on your yard and that you know where it is 100% of the time? I didn’t know one was shot Saturday until Sunday when I went and picked up my dogs. If I would have known I would have done something about it. But just so everyone knows, no on has any proof of any freshly dead goat or any freshly dead goat blood. So with that info, my dogs were just on his property and he shot them. I know he obviously has that right but really was it so hard to make the effort to contact me? The only dead goats on that property are two that have been dead quite some time. One is all bones and one’s fur has separated from its bones. If he cares so much about his goats then why are they laying there to rot? Why not bury his precious goats? But still no freshly dead goat and I still have three dead Saint Bernards for no good reason but that they were on his property.

      • Mom of 3 says:

        Yes, I have a dog and when I’m gone I can’t say for sure that she is on our yard 100% of the time but I also know, get along with, and respect my neighbors enough to know that they would let me know if my dog were wandering. I have also told them that if my dog is on their property killing other animals or destroying property that they shouldn’t feel bad if they needed to shoot her. I can’t believe that you didn’t know that your dogs wandered. Another point I should make is that when you have multiple dogs they will run in packs looking for mischief. Don’t blame your neighbor for you not being responsible for your own dogs.

    • dog lover and owner says:

      Like you said above….they couldn’t be reached because they were camping….so how could they know their beloved pets were in imminent danger? If they knew Lila was dead I’m sure chomps and Missy would have been secured in their property.. obviously.

  6. Tami says:

    So why isn’t Mike bus name being said ? He’s The one that killed the dogs! I have to agree with Tim for a open season for killing animals is open I guess if they’re on your property! This is such a sad sad Thing that happen! And totally uncalled for a phone call would’ve done wonders! And shame on the police if they were notified Saturday that something happened that they did not notify the Fluits sad deal! It just could’ve been handled so different!

    • scottv says:

      Mike Bus’s name was not initially included because the Sheriff’s Office release did not include his name and he has not spoken out himself like Amy did. Plus, no charges have been filed. That’s why the Fluits were mentioned and Bus was not. However, since it seems to be common knowledge and I have talked to the Sheriff about it, we will insert his name into the story.

      Scott Van Aartsen
      KIWA News Director

    • Mom of 3 says:

      You’re right, it’s open season on dogs who wander or maybe it’s a wake up call for pet owners to stop ignoring the fact that they wander and make a nuisance of themselves. Why do you think that towns have ordinances against dogs at large?

    • SUE says:

      EXCUSE ME, the sheriff did try to contact the Fluits, THEY WERE GONE AND THEIR ANIMALS WERE RUNNING LOSE! A normal dog does not kill for food, why did these kill for food? And what about the kids who were to show the goats? What about their feelings?

      • Amy Fluit says:

        The sheriff didn’t attempt to contact me. If he had, I am sure this situation wouldn’t have happened. One of the deputies went to my house and left a sticky note on a door we don’t even use…On Sunday, a diff deputy found my cell because she went and looked for it to call and tell me my dogs were murdered!!!! Why couldn’t the deputy from Saturday find my cell as the deputy did on Sunday? Or look up a number in a phone book? Everyone knows my entire family and someone could have been reached.

  7. Robbie says:

    I’m Sorry dog owners but you have to be responsible! YOU should be the one being put on the hot seat here for allowing your dogS to be put in harms way….
    As someone who has called my nieghbor MANY times to report their dogs killing my animals (and the goats have just as much of a right to life as dogs!) or damaging property and getting half hearted apologies or just being ignored, this is a disgrace.
    Anyone who knows dogs knows that if you have more then one and you let them run they pack up and go looking for fun!
    Be responsible if you want to have a pack of them…just because you live in the country does not give you a right to allow them to run onto others farms and kill their animals….HOW CAN PEOPLE BLAME THE FARMER WHO SHOT THEM ON THIS ONE???????

  8. roger schmith says:

    If strange dogs were on my property killing animals. Or if the animals were dead already and the dogs were dragging the dead animals around creating a mess. I would shoot them also.

    • I am Amy’s mother and have taken care of her dogs and they just want to rub against you and pet them. I also have one of the litters and she is a big teddy bear. I also have a little dog and they have no problem getting along. I know that’s not true that the cops couldn’t get a hold of her. They have access to getting everyone’s cell phone number because that is how they did get a hold of her. Further more just because the dogs were found on the property eating the goat doesn’t mean that they had killed it unless Mike was there and saw it happen. Mike had made a comment to me at one time that he had no problem shooting cats because he hated them. I have gone for walks past his house and his dogs yes are in a kennel and they jump up on the side of the kennel like they want attention and barked. I have also had his dogs come up to me at the road so his dogs are not always quarantined to his property either…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

      • Kate says:

        I used to own a Saint Bernard. I know for a fact that they are gentle dogs. They were raised by a loving family and around kids right? I doubt these dogs had that much aggression in them. It could have been a coyote for all anyone knows. Has anyone thought of that? Why murder all three if there was just one ‘eating’ the goat? I just think it’s inhumane, disgusting, and so far beyond un-called for. I think there were many other routes that could have been taken rather than having 3 sweet dogs killed. I guess that’s just me.

  9. Jerry says:

    There sure do seem to be a lot of people who think that dogs should be able to run wild and kill anything they want.

    • dog lover and owner says:

      I haven’t heard anyone say that. But anyone who owns a dog knows that they can sometimes get loose. I think we all agree its disgusting to shoot first….on an assumption instead of picking up a phone and calling the authorities…..or the owners themselves. Might have taken a little effort to get their cell numbers but they were neighbors….in a small community. I’m disgusted by all the opinions that its OK to shoot peoples pets first… and ask questions like whether or not the goats were by something else first….later

  10. Robbie says:

    I am baffled by people who have complete disreguard for livestock. Livestock is expensive and contrary to popular belief, most farmers take great care of their animals. In the case of show goats they too are like pets! How would you feel for example if a mountain lion came and killed your pet and them the next day came and killed another…..I think you’d be a little upset. Livestock are some peoples livelyhood besides.
    Country people see packed up dogs on thier property time and time again.
    You don’t seem to understand that although a dog my be completely loving and friendly they have a Pack instinct and will get together and do things they otherwise might not. It Happens all the time and they will keep returning to the same places they killed the first time.
    Noone is arguing about the fact that this was a sad deal. no one wants to kill anyone’s animals. I hae heard through the grapevine that this is not the first time these dogs have been out and about….so who is to blame??? The owner, she put her animals in harms way by not making sure they were safe.

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