Update On Construction Projects in Sheldon

community services center 02Sheldon, Iowa — Summer is the construction season, and Sheldon has a multitude of projects underway. City Manager Scott Wynja presented an update on the projects to the City Council earlier this week. He reported that work is in progress on the first downtown block and is beginning on the second. Access to all businesses is being provided during the process. The widening of Highway 18 has begun with shoulder work completed. Storm sewer installation is the next part of that project. When this project is completed Highway 18 will be a uniform three-lane highway from Second Avenue all the way east to the area of the new industrial park which is located east of the Highway 60 expressway. Wynja also reported that work on the new Trilogy residential area near Fieldcrest will begin soon. And the start date for the work on Country Club Road and Ninth Street is July 8th. Pederson Excavating has completed their work on the new ball field area near the High School. It is now ready for NCC to begin their work. And he noted that the council has just given their approval for work to begin on the new residential area at Sheldon Crossing.

At their meeting Tuesday the council also voted final passage of an amendment to the water and sewer ordinance which will result in an average four and one half percent increase in sewer and water rates. In addition, they approved an agreement with Elderbridge Agency on Aging to continue the use of the Community Building for Dinner Date. The agreement provides a fifty-dollar monthly stipend for the weekly use of the facilities. According to the agency on aging, Dinner Date in Sheldon has an average attendance of 29.

And the council approved several board and committee reappointments. It was noted that several boards and committees have vacancies. This includes the Board of Adjustment, Library Board, Trails Committee, and Planning and Zoning.

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