Updates To Sibley Robbery Cases

Sibley, Iowa —  Two trial dates have been set, one trial date was set before, and a continuance or postponement has been requested in the cases of four people charged with robbery in Osceola County.
Court records indicate the four are accused of the armed robbery of an occupied home on Third Avenue in Sibley.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office reported that on August 21, 2016, their deputies arrested 35-year-old Jose Manuel Maldonado Castillo of Sibley on charges of Robbery in the 1st Degree, a class B Felony; two counts of Assault while Participating in a Felony; Going Armed with Intent; Interference with Official Acts with a Dangerous Weapon; and Unauthorized Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, all class D Felonies. They said they also arrested 25-year-old Peter Nazario Alvira of Sibley, as well as 55-year-old Pedro Juan Figueroa Rios and 38-year-old Nicomedes Montanez Cruz, both of Sioux City — and charged them all with Robbery in the 1st Degree, a class B Felony.

In the case of Figueroa Rios, the trial has been set for December 20th. A pretrial conference is scheduled for Wednesday, November 23rd. In Maldonado Castillo’s case, a motion for continuance or postponement of the trial has been filed by the defense, but has not yet been approved by the court. Montanez Cruz pled not guilty at his arraignment on Friday, September 30th. His trial was also set for December 20th, with a November 10th pretrial conference. Nazario Alvira’s trial and pretrial conference remain set for the same dates as Montanez Cruz’s.

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