USDA Changing School Lunch Guidelines Again, Adding Back More Grains And Meats

Washington, DC — The federal government is changing its school lunch program guidelines again. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says this time they’ll let students eat more popular grains and meats. Many students gave the first plan a big thumbs down — even some right on our own web site at The students said the fruit and vegetable-packed federal lunch guidelines left them hungry an hour after they ate. Congress and schools complained that the one-size-fits-all plan left a lot of students listless and had many sneaking more carbs to class.

The Agriculture Department heard the bad reviews and now tells Congress it’s adding what it calls more flexibility so students don’t spend the day feeling hungry. The USDA is giving cafeterias more flexibility in adding grains and meats students like. However, the government is still asking lunch programs to keep calories low to help fight childhood obesity.

ABC News assisted with this story.

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