USDA Crop Production Forecast

cornNorthwest Iowa — The United States Department of Agriculture is predicting record corn and soybean yields in several states, including Iowa.  The USDA estimates Iowa’s average corn yield at 197 bushels per acre, five bushels better than last year’s record yield. The soybean yield is estimated at 57 bushels per acre, up a half bushel from last year’s record.

While the forecast corn production and yield are up in most parts of Iowa, here in the northwest part of the state yields are predicted to be down about 8.5 bushels per acre, with a projected yield of 194 bushels an acre.  The only other section of the state with lower projected corn yields than last year, is the west central portion of Iowa.  The highest projected corn yield is in the central section of Iowa, where they are projected to yield about 211 bushels and acre, up by 16.2 bushels from last year.

Soybean yields across the state, as forecast by the USDA, will be up from last year, everywhere but northwest and north central Iowa.  Here in northwest Iowa, soybean yields are expected to slightly above the statewide average, at 58 bushels an acre, but that yield is about 2.5 bushels lower than last year.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey, who farms near Spirit Lake, says for the most part he agrees with the USDA’s predictions, but he says some problems may be popping up in some Iowa corn fields.

The term “tipping back” means the kernels don’t fill all the way out to the end of the ear. Those barren tips can reduce the yield.  As to whether those USDA projections sound right, Northey says we won’t know for sure until the combines hit the field this fall.

You can take a look at the complete USDA District Crop Production Report by CLICKING HERE.

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