“Vintage” & Sports Cars May Soon Not Need Front Plates

new iowa license plateNorthwest Iowa — If you live in Iowa, and own a “vintage” vehicle, or a two-seat, low-profile sports car, such as a Corvette, you would no longer be required to display a front license plate if a bill that passed the Iowa House Monday night becomes law.

Representative Josh Byrnes of Osage voted in favor of the bill, and says vehicle collecting is a popular hobby in this state.

The bill, as originally written, would have removed the front license plate requirement for ALL vehicles on Iowa roads. The scaled back proposal now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Clel Baudler, a Republican from Greenfield, is a retired state trooper. He says all vehicles should have plates on the front AND the back, to help law enforcement track down criminals.

Some school buses are also equipped with video cameras which record the front license plates of drivers who do not stop when the bus is stopped as children board and get off the bus.

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