Waste Facility Manager: Recycling Helps Environment

Recycling binSheldon, Iowa — Earth Day is tomorrow on the planet, and with many people thinking about the environment, it’s a perfect time to remember “reduce, re-use, recycle.” That’s according to Northwest Iowa Solid Waste Agency manager Larry Oldenkamp.

He tells us about the recyclables they accept through northwest Iowa communities’ curbside recycling programs.

Oldenkamp says people are recycling a little more than they used to, but it’s not a huge increase.

The increase in plastic bags is a little ironic because Oldenkamp says at this time they’re having an issue processing them.

He says while they don’t take electronics through the curbside recycling programs, you can deliver them to their facility yourself.

Again, Oldenkamp stresses that those types of things need to be delivered to their facility near Hospers.

They also accept household hazardous materials such as paints and pesticides at their facility and via their Household Hazardous Materials trailer that travels to many sites in northwest Iowa.

He says they also accept mercury items like thermometers, fluorescent tubes, and CFL (curly) light bulbs. Disposal of these is free for individuals, but there is a charge for businesses.

Oldenkamp also reminds northwest Iowans that while glass is a recyclable material, since it would come commingled with other recyclables, it presents a cut hazard for their employees so they don’t accept it. He says another reason is it is not worth the cost of transporting it to a facility that can handle glass. There are however other programs that have been accepting glass in individual communities.

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