Water Leak Repair Will Interrupt Water Supply at NCC Saturday

SheldonThe City of Sheldon has discovered a water leak in a main trunk line that runs along the south side of Highway 18 in the far west part of the city.

City Manager Scott Wynja tells KIWA that the leak is in a pipe that is buried rather deep, and will require special excavation equipment to reach it.  Wynja says the City was lucky that the leak doesn’t appear to be major, so the repairs weren’t an immediate necessity.  He says that crews will be in town this Saturday to dig down to the leaking pipe and repair it.

Wynja says it appears that the only water customer affected by Saturday’s repair work will be Northwest Iowa Community College, where the water will be turned off.  He called it fortunate that the repair could be scheduled for a Saturday, when it would cause the least amount of disruption of life on the NCC campus, rather than a weekday when hundreds of people at the college would be inconvenienced.

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