Weather Service: Tornadic-Type Rotation Was “Atypical”

Northwest Iowa — An unusual storm hit northwest Iowa on Thursday afternoon. The National Weather Service issued a short-lived tornadoThunderbolt 1003_SVA warning for Sioux County at 3:25 PM.

We talked with National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Chapman who tells us what happened.

Chapman gives us an idea of where the rotation was.

The tornado warning was canceled at 3:41 PM. Chapman tells us what made the rotation unusual.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center did issue a severe thunderstorm watch at 3:55 PM, but that was also canceled for our area, while the threat continued further east.

In Sheldon, at 2:35 PM, the temperature was 81 degrees. But by 3:55, after the storm passed through, it was 66 degrees — a difference of 15 degrees in an hour and twenty minutes. Some hail was also reported in the area, but no other warnings were issued.

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