Weaver Takes King To Task For “I Can Work With Hillary” Comment

Steve King OfficialKim-WeaverNorthwest Iowa, In an appearance at the Iowa State Fair last week, 4th District U.S. Representative Steve King said that, while he intends to vote for Donald Trump in November’s Presidential election, he also has a “history” of working with Hillary Clinton.

Kim Weaver of Sheldon, the Democrat who is challenging King for the 4th District seat, says voters shouldn’t believe King when he says he’d be able to work with Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president.

Weaver made her comments during a speech this weekend at the Iowa State Fair. She called for a higher minimum wage, help for student debt and immigration reform. Weaver says she also supports legalizing industrial hemp as a way to improve water quality.

Weaver says she’s ready to debate King this fall. King is seeking an eighth term in congress and he has not always agreed to debate his Democratic opponents.

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